Wedding packages range in value from 5000 to 1200 in value, with most clients choosing options around 2500.


It’s your day to celebrate!

Whatever sort of wedding you’re planning, from the engagement session to your vows, you want it all clicking into place. Do we click?


  • soooo pleased to be turning moments from your day into heirloom art

  • makes formals easy and efficient so you can spend more time celebrating

  • supports you each step along the way - not just for photo’s sake, I care about you!

  • gets along with Klingons and leads them in a hearty “qapla’!” in your honor

You + your beau:

  • are really excited to have fun with your love, family, and friends, omg

  • into telling your own story more than recreating shots you saw online

  • think of your wedding vendors as new pals

  • could have Klingons crash your reception still be super excited to get hitched

We’re a match! Yahoo!

Shoot an email over to, or just fill out my handy dandy form below!

We’ll get all the details and start tapping those bad boys into place like a satisfying puzzle!

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What can I call you, new pal?
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Your Very Special Date:

“I showed my parents, and my mom said, ‘I wish she could have taken your wedding pictures!’”


“Her pictures tell the story of our day and I get to re-read our fairytale everytime I look at these pictures .”