Hey, babe.

You were born feeling innocent curiosity for your body, the vessel you sail the seas of humanity in. The rest of the world taught you to distrust that inborn value over time - a cruelty.

You’re ready to feel amazing in front of a camera. To feel free.

You deserve it.

How do you slip into that place of comfort? Everyone heals and finds peace in different ways. Photos are just one powerful tool you can use!

I’m serving photography as a tool towards your body liberation.

I’ve tried a lot of things for myself. Sometimes it’s easiest for me to “let go” and embrace myself when I’m done up in a weird costume and reenacting high fashion. Sometimes it’s easier keeping it simple - whatever outfit I happen to be wearing that day.

What feels right for you, in this moment?

Packages range in value from 1000 to 200 with a la carte options, with most clients choosing services and prints between 300 - 500.

Fame Jane

white woman beautiful field wheat grain self love purple hair laughing sweater portrait lake county chicago.jpg
  • It’s like plain Jane, but better, get it? “Plain” gets poopooed a lot, but there’s so much power in embracing the regular stuff that makes you feel GREAT. I’m talking your favorite jeans, a hot mug, clean sheets, rolling around with a giggle regular stuff awesome.

  • Classic portraits mean dressing in whatever makes you feel the most confident - or, the most daring. Dreamed about a casual boudoir session in jamjams? You got it. Speedo cabana? Absolutely. Sweatpants brunch with your cat? Hell to the yes! The boundaries are yours to set - or break - as much as you feel comfy.

  • Whatever your dream, we’ll brainstorm a location to match. We’ll chat about what makes you unique and what makes you feel powerful and valued - then I’ll walk you through posing that highlights all your fav things about you. The reactions you’ll get when you share the pics will make you feel famous.

Glam Pam

  • Specialty portraiture is where you can get as weird and wonderful as you like! These are a great way to showcase the intense connection between you, your body, and art.

  • As simple as flower crowns and balloon bunches, or as complicated as a full glam fantasy get up with a custom built set, these portraits are a fully customized premium experience. We’ll brainstorm together a glam fantasy that fits who you are, and I’ll assist you in finding the right options for you from hair stylists to wardrobe. And just like the classic portraits, we’ll talk about the things you love about you and I’ll guide you through posing.

  • These portrait sessions are great for little Glam Pams, too - perfect for a little monarch in training. I’m a preferred photographer with Bentley and Lace, a youth couture dress company. Not your jam? No worries. We’ll find what makes you and yours feel amazing!

these sessions are open to all.

Despite the cheesy names up there, no matter how you identify - you are welcome. I’ll always do my best to make a warm, loving environment for you to explore yourself through photos.


Email me at Kelly@BloomPhotographyChicago.com or give me a call at 630-631-4687.