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Modern portrait photography

Think of it as any kind of dressing up and showing off: it can look like worn jeans and a tank top at your favorite coffee shop, lingerie at home, evening gown in a garden or against a studio backdrop, you name it! You could also call these sessions boudoir, empowerment portraits, or self-love sessions. They might be for your blog, your personal brand, a gift for yourself, or because you really need a headshot for your resume or the back of your new book.

Maybe, you just really want to celebrate yourself -

you’ve spent too long avoiding cameras.

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It can be hard to get in front of a camera.

Let me guide you through the process - I’ll show you poses, talk you through prompts. If you need a breather, we’ll take a break. Easy peasy! My goal is to make your session a place where you can tap into who you are. I hold space for whatever feelings you bring with you.

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It’s all for you.

Doesn’t matter who you are, these portrait sessions are about bringing your story to the forefront. Tell me as much or as little about the person you want to shine through in your photos. Tell me your dreams and what drives you - or about your dog. I’m here to serve you and craft a

vibrant picture.

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Are you ready?