Do I have to love myself/my body to do a session with you?

The short answer is no. I talk a little bit about it in this blog piece: it’s a lot of pressure to love yourself, especially when most of us live in a world that has convinced us otherwise. I’m not a licensed care professional, but I offer guidance and support as a peer who has struggled with the same concepts. I validate your feelings and support the confidence you can access.

Do you do weddings/events?

I love to do events like weddings and parties, but my eye is different than your standard wedding photographer. If you have a small, intimate wedding or party where your focus is on documenting authentic moments and the people with you, I would be a good choice. My pricing structure is based on 200 an hour. You can contact me for sample galleries and availability.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer reparative justice gifts: discounts to people whose identities are penalized in mainstream US culture. These groups include people with disabilities, people of color, transgendered people, and members of the queer community.

When you purchase a regular session from me, you’re giving back to the community by sponsoring reparative justice gifts and the time I donate to community organizations.

Can I change outfits during my session?

You are welcome to change outfits during your session, though keep in mind that can impacts the amount of photos you will receive, since there will be some time spent changing clothes rather than taking photos.

Why should I get prints or an album?

Prints and albums are heirlooms: when was the last time you printed off photos from a family event or of yourself? My guess is that you have a few photo projects that you’ve forgotten or never gotten around to over the years. Ordering a package that includes prints takes the pressure off you and lets me take care of that project for you.

I think you’re gross/wrong/dangerous

My work is not for you! Go in peace. :)