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My mission:

  • supporting your confidence in front of the camera,

  • connecting you to yourself and your loved ones,

  • crafting portraits as a tool for your liberation.

my guiding principles:

  • make safer spaces that welcome vulnerability and connection,

  • share the experience of body liberation,

  • craft photos that tell stories with vibrant and striking visuals,

  • practice Leave No Trace outdoors and prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable supplies,

  • practice restorative social justice by donating time and products to local nonprofits and communities.


Kelly Lenza is a body liberation activist, all-around creative type, and photographer CEO of Bloom Photography LLC, a portrait experience that empowers people to feel their best both during the session and afterwards. Kelly’s experiences navigating the world as a fat person and connecting with others in the body positive movement have inspired them to share acceptance, advocacy, and justice for both individuals and communities at large.