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Creative series

Creative Series projects are a great way to showcase the intense connection between you, your body, and art. These are fine art portraits that fall into two categories: client-led or artist-led.


Client-led creative portraits put you in the director’s seat: tell me your ideas and we’ll work together to make them come to life.

Your vision can be as simple as, “I want to feel like a queen,” or more complicated like, “Help me explore my feelings about my body image.” If you need support in fleshing out your vision, I will workshop with you to plan themes, symbols, and details of your art portraits. We’ll plan any props or sets, and I’ll create or source them (unless you’re crafty - then I’ll be excited to collaborate with you).

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Artist-Led creative portraits means you can choose to participate in ongoing projects with set prompts, themes, and symbols.

My current creative portrait project is titled Anger. Participants respond to prompts about anger and how it looks and feels in their life. I offer options for visual symbols of their anger and we bring it to life.

Other projects have worked with concepts around male formal wear and Snow Monarch, a fantasy winter queen exploring what it means to be a leader with natural winter visual themes.

In the photoshoot, you held space for me, and it felt very freeing to take up that space and be angry at the same time
— Kristy, Anger series