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"Do I have to love myself?"

There’s a lot of intense pressure out in the world to conform - but in response to that, there’s a lot of pressure to love yourself. A lot of times, this comes with messages about loving your body, specifically to sell you products or services. It can be a lot, especially if you (like most people I know) have really struggled with body image and self-esteem. That doesn’t even touch the kinds of cruelties that our world heaps onto people who aren’t the “standard” size, age, race, gender, or sexuality as people held up as ideal.

Prepping to Love Yourself in Photos

So you’ve hired a photographer you’re excited to work with, or maybe you’ve already had your photo session - now what? How do you know you’re going to love the pictures that come back?

These aren’t a guarantee, but here are some things to prep to loving seeing yourself when you get that gallery link: