"Why should I wait for edits?"

before after.jpg

You just had your pictures done, and ooo you CANNOT WAIT to see those suckers.

I like to show folks how awesome the pictures are looking while we’re mid-session, so I think sometimes it can be hard to understand why I might say no to sharing unedited photos. This is part of the value you’re getting - your photographer taking the time to go through photos, pick out the best ones, and then edit them to make YOU truly shine.

In the photos above, you see a side-by-side view of a truly lovely parent-to-be. On the left is the image that came off my camera, and on the right is the final, edited version. The photo on the left certainly isn’t bad; I was super excited to see it when I took it! But, the image on the right is a more whole, vibrant version. The editing process cannot change a poorly taken photo into a well-taken one.

Editing a portrait is not about changing how someone fundamentally looks, either - it’s about helping the core elements of someone come through fully.

Changing someone’s appearance digitally can be a sensitive topic. Sometimes, editing can be a really validating thing - highlighting the parts of you that you love about yourself. Other times, editing might make people feel bad if they haven’t discussed what kind of touch ups they get. A photographer might make a call based on what they think looks “best” either for the sake of unrealistic beauty ideas or artistic vision - and then the client feels self-conscious about something that was removed. It’s very important to discuss editing options and what level of changes you are okay with.

Editing can be overdone and I always hope that if folks feel like they’re not looking at themselves, they let me know!

My goal is to celebrate someone’s self-image and not to make it, you know, weird.

I once over edited a friend’s face and they exclaimed, “I look like a ghost!” I was able to make it right, and I’m so grateful for the lesson! (Thank you Chaya!!! <3) So, make sure you let me know what level of editing you are cool with, or if there’s anything specific you are looking to have changed.

We are working together to get you a photo you LOVE!

Kelly Lenzaediting