What's body liberation?

You may have heard of body positivity - more and more people are using the term to mean loving yourself or loving your body. Body liberation is a newer, more neutral term - it doesn’t necessarily always feel like celebration of the body you live in, but it’s accepting. It’s freedom from shame in processing your feelings about your body and living as who you are.

Why wait for edits?

You just had your pictures done, and ooo you CANNOT WAIT to see those suckers.

I like to show folks how awesome the pictures are looking while we’re mid-session, so I think sometimes it can be hard to understand why I might say no to sharing unedited photos. This is part of the value you’re getting - your photographer taking the time to go through photos, pick out the best ones, and then edit them to make YOU truly shine.

Prepping to Love Yourself in Photos

So you’ve hired a photographer you’re excited to work with, or maybe you’ve already had your photo session - now what? How do you know you’re going to love the pictures that come back?

These aren’t a guarantee, but here are some things to prep to loving seeing yourself when you get that gallery link: