"Do I have to love myself?"

There’s a lot of intense pressure out in the world to conform - but in response to that, there’s a lot of pressure to love yourself. A lot of times, this comes with messages about loving your body, specifically to sell you products or services. It can be a lot, especially if you (like most people I know) have really struggled with body image and self-esteem. That doesn’t even touch the kinds of cruelties that our world heaps onto people who aren’t the “standard” size, age, race, gender, or sexuality as people held up as ideal.

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"Can you make me thin?"

Content warnings: mentioning of dieting, body image issues, disordered eating.

I’ve been asked this seriously before, but heard it pretty often as a “joke” people make about themselves. It’s hard to respond to these kinds of questions or comments since they are very intimate, emotional, and personal. As a really fat person in recovery from disordered eating, hearing the awful things people both believe and say out loud about themselves can be very painful to hear - in a well-then-they’re-def-hating-me way and also in a my-heart-hurts-for-them kind of way.

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"What's body liberation?"

You may have heard of body positivity - more and more people are using the term to mean loving yourself or loving your body. Body liberation is a newer, more neutral term - it doesn’t necessarily always feel like celebration of the body you live in, but it’s accepting. It’s freedom from shame in processing your feelings about your body and living as who you are.

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"Why should I wait for edits?"

You just had your pictures done, and ooo you CANNOT WAIT to see those suckers.

I like to show folks how awesome the pictures are looking while we’re mid-session, so I think sometimes it can be hard to understand why I might say no to sharing unedited photos. This is part of the value you’re getting - your photographer taking the time to go through photos, pick out the best ones, and then edit them to make YOU truly shine.

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