April 7th, 2019 - 10am - Assemblea Event Space, Chicago

Your new favorite lunch and learn!

Attention all big babes: come to an old timey luncheon with cool new ideas! Hear captivating stories of overcoming challenges and personal empowerment from guest speakers.  Then, eat a tasty lunch, ask questions, and discuss! Plus, win prizes in a Premium ticket holder giveaway: a Body Love Box or a session with Bloom Photography!

Standard tickets $35, Premium tickets $50.


Menu subject to change but expect delicious options like:

  • crudite salad with cut carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and vinaigrette

  • cherry almond salad with crunchy greens and vinaigrette

  • separate nut and cheese toppings for the salads

  • tender sous vide chicken breast, sliced for easy eating by itself or on top a salad

  • vegan black beans cooked with onion, smoked paprika, and vegan bouillon

  • served with vegan tortilla strips and sour cream for the non-vegan crowd

  • vegan shortbread cookies

  • that delicious standard, chocolate chip cookies

The Speakers


The Dimple Duchess

Dimple Duchess, plus size burlesque performer and body positive photographer of @RubenesqueBoudoir and @MatterOfFatProject on Instagram.

She’s a fierce advocate for body positivity - especially fat positivity. After healing from an abusive relationship, she’s invested in burlesque and photography as a medium of self expression, healing and advocacy for self love and dismantling of fatphobia.

Bisa - Bloom Photography Chicago - Kelly Lenza - use until 12-14-2028.jpg

Bisa Myles

Bisa is a plus-size adventure traveler, travel blogger and writer, and breast cancer survivor whose goal is to inspire other through her writing to pursue their dreams despite their size or diagnosis. She’ll be talking about her adventure climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro!

You can find her travel writings at or @MylesToTravel on social media.


Lisa Hendrickson

Lisa Hendrickson, known as @PlusSizeScuba, is a scuba diving adventurer! She advocates for people of size to try scuba and helps provide inspiration, support, and ideas for how big bodied people can get into the sport. She’s traveled and dived in a long list of places - the Yucatan Peninsula, Costa Rica, Fiji, St. Maarten plus locations in the US like Illinois, Florida, Missouri, and Minnesota.

sponsored and organized by yours truly

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Kelly Lenza

Kelly Lenza (that’s me!) is a body liberation activist, event organizer, all-around creative type, and photographer CEO of Bloom Photography LLC, a portrait experience that empowers people to feel their best both during the session and afterwards. Kelly’s personal experiences navigating the world as a fat person and connecting with others in the body positive movement have inspired them to share acceptance, advocacy, and justice for both individuals and communities at large. Want 20% off your next booking with yours truly? YOU GOT IT with your purchase of a ticket to Big Lunch. Plus, win a free session with me in the Premium ticket holder giveaway!

“Body-positive photographer Kelly Lanza of Bloom Photography put together this Big Lunch for big babes to learn and connect and I’m totally jealous that I’m too far away to go.”
— Lindley with The Body Love Box


Assemblea Event Space is on Erie street in Chicago is a gorgeous old church turned office building and venue, featuring ample space, lighting, and seating. And it actually has decent free parking for a downtown place! Sadly, it is not wheelchair accessible - we hope future Big Lunches will be able to be held in an accessible space.

Assemblea Event Space
1350 W Erie St
Chicago, IL 60642

Big Partners

These companies - single person companies or larger - are friends of Big Lunch. Some of them will be offering exclusive discounts that you can nab at the event - some of them are just real cool resources for big-bodied folks that we love and appreciate!

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Special Thanks

Shout out to folks who helped make this whole thing possible:

Robin K. - Eron H. - Rebecca C. - Tammy C. - Emily T.