Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Kelly, photographer and fancypants CEO of Bloom Photography LLC.

  Very fat, white, femme person with a shaved head and white cateye glasses holds a camera and smiles at the viewer. They wear a purple and white plaid shirt over a pink tank top and purple leggings. They’re standing in front of a gorgeous golden reflection of trees in water.

I serve fine portraits that nourish your self image. How do I do that? I live it: radical self-love is a guiding principle in my personal life as well as my business. It can be a bumpy road to loving a photo of yourself - I’m here to make one step of that easier.

Making a connection and understanding what you need to feel comfortable in front of the lens is what I do - you bring your best self forward and I’ll make it shine.

My speciality is portraits, broadly defined: a photo that communicates the heartbeat of a person, family, or event. Take a look around to see - don’t miss the seasonal pictures, either. I love a good theme!

 Very fat, white, femme person with short cropped hair looks at the camera in a bust shot. They wear a cream tank top and large gold hoop earrings with pink inlay. They hold their glasses in a gesturing hand.

Find me on Instagram and on Facebook, and don’t be shy about dropping me a line!

Can’t wait to show you how great you look in front of the camera. :)

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